About Darling Style Merchants

Darling Style Merchants was founded in 2014 by four women with one simple philosophy: to bring back customer service in a retail space...
and have a lot of fun while doing it.

After four years in the retail scene, the girls decided to close their store in 2018 to step into another chapter of the Darling story. 

After personal challenges the girls became acutely aware of how important valuing their own wellbeing was. They started to encourage each other to introduce self love practices into their daily routine and found deep and profound positive changes happen in their own lives. They knew they weren't alone in the struggle of prioritising themselves, so they were very keen to share their packs with the wider world. 

There is a strong theme throughout the hand curated range and it's not hard to pick it up. Self love is important, and it has to be accessible to everyone. The easy to understand, self-explanatory packs are designed with everyone in mind. From your Mum, to your boss to your neighbour - these packs are suitable for a variety of people and circumstances.

So whether it’s time to #treatyoself, or find something special for a Darling in your life… do yourself a favour and explore our online store, or visit us at our next pop-up market.

We really can't wait to meet you, Darling.