SELF LOVE CLUB - Stress Less Pack by Darling Style Merchants

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At Darling we strongly believe in self care practices to keep ourselves at our optimum. Life can be overwhelming at times, but we've found that if we stop, practice gratitude and take a moment to reset we end up shifting that negative energy and having a much more productive day.

We came up with these little boxes to encourage others to do the same...In this pack you will find:

  • Bath salts to run yourself a relaxing bath to instil quiet and chill.
  • A 'calm blend' tea to take a peaceful moment for you and give yourself a pat on the back.
  • An essential oil blend roller to roll onto your pulse points as you go about your day, breathe in deep to centre your mind and body.
  • A Clear quartz crystal mini pointer to surround your body with calming,
    healing energy to manifest the most favorable outcome for you.

Spread that love Darlings xo